Letter from the President



From all of us at the NLA, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I wanted to take this time to personally thank you for your continued commitment to building the National Lawyers Association (NLA) into a unique and powerful force for law and justice in the United States of America. It was through your support that the NLA was able to launch multiple initiatives in 2015, initiatives which lay a new foundation upon which the NLA will grow and flourish in the years to come.

First of all, I want to acknowledge our new COO, Mark Bold, for his commitment, motivation and tireless dedication in helping to advance the brand and mission of the NLA. Already Mr. Bold has facilitated the development of our new NLA website (www.nla.org) along with launching a re-branding imitative that clearly identifies the patriotic nature of the NLA and its dedication to this country and the principles upon which it was founded. Mr. Bold jumped into his role with both feet.

I am very excited about our new website. The website provides members and visitors with easier navigation, a fresh clean look and new interactive functionality. For example, the website features a membership portal — allowing members to pay dues, access exclusive member content, including special discounts and benefits.  In addition, the website features a powerful Career Center that gives members the opportunity to post jobs, apply for available positions, view resumes, and the ability for employers to interact with job seekers. However much more is to come. We are continuously adding more content, such as news and articles, scholarly materials and research, advocacy initiatives, and media (such as the Voice of Justice podcast).

Further, at the end of 2015 we launched the Commission for the Protection of Constitutional Rights. This is an exciting new advocacy initiative that seeks to create and establish NLA chapters in every state and promote the NLA mission across the United States through expert testimony at key legislative hearings, amicus brief filings on issues important to our members, and more. We are piloting this new endeavor by working with a group of dedicated and talented attorneys in Colorado. The Colorado chapter is the first NLA state chapter, and such state initiatives are an integral part of the long term plan to expand the NLA mission and its vision.

So what is planned for 2016?

  • Annual National NLA Conference held on the last weekend of October (specific details on the event coming out in the early Spring)
  • The 2nd Annual International Constitutional Law Conference held in Vienna, Austria on September 21st through the 25th.
  • Launching additional NLA state chapters (If you have an interest in launching an NLA chapter, please let us know). This is going to be one of the primary focuses of 2016 so please keep this initiative in your prayers.
  • Continued development of the NLA website as a robust membership platform and public educational site.
  • Launching an NLA Member Accreditation program that demonstrates to the public that our NLA members meet the strict criteria to be a trusted member. We seek to show that being an NLA member is tangible assurance of the high standards of accountability with respect to integrity, governance, management and stewardship of our members.

In addition, I understand that in order for the NLA to be competitive, we need to provide our members with benefits, discounts, and other value added offerings comparable to other organizations. Therefore, I am committed to aggressively expanding the member benefits in 2016.

Already we have secured partnerships with best-practice companies that seek to provide our members with steep discounts and savings. For example, just last month we entered into partnerships with Hertz Rental Car, HighPoint Financial, and ALM. In 2016, we are continuing our efforts in providing our members with discounts to some of America’s top companies — from technology and office supplies, to entertainment and clothing retailers.

Finally, I want to say that your continued feedback is important. The NLA represents the voice of all our attorney members.  Therefore, we want to know:

  • What is important to you in a membership organization?
  • How can we better serve you?
  • Are you interested in, submitting articles for publication? Serving on a board or committee? Starting a state chapter? Mentoring law students?

In conclusion, the NLA would not be here without your continued prayers and support.  Thank you again for your continued commitment. Please make sure you register, pay your membership dues and prepare for 2016!

May God bless you!


Joshua M. McCaig
NLA President