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Educational Resources

NLA members have access to weekly, monthly and annual publications, as well as the podcast The Voice of Justice.

Advocacy Resources

The Commission for the Protection of Constitutional Rights works to advocate by building state and national initiatives on important issues.

Career Center

Looking for a job or need a qualified employee? The NLA Career Center is a robust system designed to meet your needs.

Networking Opportunities

Join the NLA to become part of a national and international community, with members from all 50 states and affiliates abroad.

Upcoming Snapshot

Policy Research

Research on Emerging Issues

In service to our members and for the benefit of the public, the NLA provides guidance and expertise regarding critical and emerging issues that impact the legal profession. Emerging issues that could influence law and policy are carefully researched in order to provide the most current information.

Legislative Impact

Directing Advocacy Efforts

The NLA provides and directs the advocacy efforts before local, state and federal governmental entities. The NLA works tirelessly to influence public policies affecting the rule of law, rights and freedom of the American public.

Amicus Curiae Briefs

Filing of Amicus Curiae Briefs

The NLA Standing Committee on Amicus Curiae Briefs provides a resources for members to file an application for submission of amicus briefs and provides recommendations to the Board on whether the application should be accepted.

Commission for the Protection of Constitutional Rights

Launch of the Commission for the Protection of Constitutional Rights

The Commission will work with the state groups to build coalitions to research and analyze legislation and provide a network of experts on a variety of topics to offer testimony at legislative hearings.